Lucky Plants for Home- Know What to Buy

Lucky Plants for Home- Know What to Buy

When selecting a plant, the aura the plant will create is always overlooked. A plant holds the power to take you to unbelievable heights and prosper you in every aspect of life. Tiny green plants encompass and exhibit the power of Mother nature, and if chosen correctly, the plant can be the luckiest charm ever to have. Below is the list containing all the lucky plants for your home so, dive in and choose your favourite.

1. Jade Plant

Jade plant also goes by the name money tree as it attracts luck and looks appealing to the eyes. The plant is a succulent that sits calmly in the corner of your house and does magic. Taking care of this plant is easy and, therefore, the best choice of plants to keep in the office for a growing career.

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

While you find lucky plants for home, you must consider buying a lucky bamboo plant if you don't have one. The plant is also called Fu Gwey Zhu, where Fu signifies luck and prosperity, Gwey symbolises power and Zhu stands for bamboo. The arrangement of this three-layered bamboo is the symbol of luck and attracts all the fortune for you without demanding high maintenance.

3. Money Plant

Money plants or every mother's favourite plant have been grown in houses for ages. The plant is a fast-growing climber that covers corners of the house in a very small time. The green leaves of this plant attract luck, prosperity and health and make the home more peaceful and harmonious. According to Feng Shui, the plant is a must-have in a house to attract money, peace and health.

4. Peace Lily

A peace lily plant is also one of the lucky plants for home. As the name suggests, the plant creates a peaceful environment around you for a stress-free and happy state of mind. The plant brings fortune and luck to the house and purifies the air making the environment serene. The plant often blooms with a white flower that makes the aura even more delighted.

5. Syngonium, Snake Plant and Golden Pothos

Syngonium, snake plant or mother in law's tongue and golden pothos form the perfect lucky trio. The trio works as three lucky stars and makes everything perfect so that no eye of the evil keeps you from succeeding. The trio will also enlarge your collection and add a serene look to your house.

6. Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is one of the auspicious lucky plants for a home and can be placed in any corner of the home. The leaves of the plant attract luck and help you prosper in life. The plant itself is symbolic of money and prosperity, and placing it in the house collects fortune and fills up your space with abundance.

When you bring a plant home, you bring luck, prosperity and happiness along. Green Vedam offers all the varieties of plants so that you don't have to search for your favourite one. Just visit the website, choose your plant, enjoy the timely offers and get the lucky plants for your home delivered on the doorstep. Get your lucky charm today to kick start life with new happy beginnings.