Which Plants are Good for Home According to Vastu?

Which Plants are Good for Home According to Vastu?

Every plant holds specific values and attracts positive vibes that help humans prosper in life. However, when the right plant is placed in the right location, the plant can turn your life upside down for good. According to Vastu Shastra, some plants tend to attract good luck, health, growth, and many benefits. If you are a plant-enthusiast and looking for Vastu plants for home, then take a look at this list to choose the right energy.

1. Bamboo Plant

The first plant you must have is a lucky bamboo plant that attracts power, fame and wealth. The plant symbolises inner peace, strength and health and is one of the best gifts to give your loved ones. The plant, in addition, has many health-related benefits. Place the plant in the east corner for uncountable benefits.

2. Money Plant

One of the best Vastu plants for home is the glossy green money plant. The climber signifies growth and brings prosperity and fortune. The plant absorbs all the negativity in the environment and radiates only the good vibes. Therefore, the plant also purifies the air and is the best plant to keep indoors. Place the plant in the South-east direction to receive limitless blessings.

3. Lily Plant

Lily is considered one of the best pants as per Vastu as they protect your home from evil eyes. The plant is also known to purify the air around you and spread the aroma of positivity all over. The plant brings you peace and mental stability with the serene white colour. Place the plant in the east direction for best results.

4. Snake Plant

NASA claims that the snake plant is one of the best Vastu plants for home as it reduces the release of the sick syndrome. The plant maintains oxygen flow, which does not stress take over your body and attracts positive energy to keep you at peace. Place the plant in the southern, western or southern-western facing of your home.

5. Daffodils

Daffodils are the significance of new beginnings and give your day a healthy kickstart. The plant, as per Vastu, symbolise faith, hope and truth and brings fortune by bringing out the hidden talent. The plant brings good luck and helps you shine and bloom like a beautiful flower. Place the plant in the north or northeast direction.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the most loved Vastu plant for home as it holds many health-related benefits. The plant purified the air by absorbing toxins and spreading positive energies all over your house. The plant works best when placed in the north or east direction.

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